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Great Tips for Finding Great Results with Baidu Search Marketing

Google is everyone's piece of cake in the western world's market - something that has earned search a great reputation for years. Statistics say that nearly every business in the US and Canada has to make use of this search engine to get the clients they need. Nevertheless, Eastern markets have not been into Google as such. In fact, research indicates that Google represents a trivial 2.3% of all searches in the Republic of China. What is taking the center stage in the Eastern markets is the Baidu search engine, with a strong 68.5% of all searches made on the platform in question. In fact, the there nearest competitor of Baidu is 360 Search, and its market share is just 14.2%.

And Baidu is doing so well, and that is what the developer wanted; it never occurred to him if they will stop at anything when it comes to actualizing their goals, even if they were going to use the Google's tactic - they have to reach where Baidu belongs in the Eastern World. In recent years, Baidu reached the apex of the brand goals that its target and has been considered credible by most businesses out there. And there wasn't anything so complex that Baidu used; all that it did was to ensure that it explores the full potential of Chinese texts through analytic and interpretive technology. And Google failed in this - even today.

What's more, you need to remember that Baidu is technology agency and so it has a range of services to offer. In fact, search engine services was one of the extension of its services. You find every service in this agency: outstanding computing services, translation services, a web browser, video platforms, music, maps, as well as amazing travel sites, just to mention but a few. Nevertheless, a huge amount of return comes from the search result pages that they get as well as the built-in ad network system. And why it has a great markets in the Eastern world is the fact that the technology is built on Simplified Chinese language, and this is something that doesn't support other language. You can learn more about search engines and marketing by clicking here:

And the Baidu's layout is a simple one. Typically, Baidu places the most searched and related topics in its sidebar. Its layout is eccentric. What is more, the sidebar includes extra information such as links/videos of all the content that you may be looking for in there. And these searches also include text description and other designs that help visitors navigate and clarify specific details that they need. If you need to search for a person named "Chris Smith" on Baidu, the search results will always pop up with "related" actors alongside the target search that you needed. If you need products, such as clothes, you will come across several options along with the intended brand and style. Discover the best marketing tactics here:

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